chapter  1
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Architectural theories and the world of philosophy, science, and theology

WithAlberto Pérez-Gómez

The interview with Alberto Pérez-Gómez developed into a succinct intellectual biography of the scholar, and founding director in the early 1990s of the McGill PhD program in history and theory of architecture, Montreal, Canada. Pérez-Gómez authored, coauthored and edited almost a dozen books and publications, as well as numerous scholarly articles, spanning over three decades. At the time of the interview, he was preparing for a conference on literature and architecture in Athens, which took place June 2015, and was working at Attunement: Architectural Meaning After the Crisis of Modern Science (MIT 2016). Pérez-Gómez discussed the primacy of language as the first element of architectural imagination, the role of phenomenology and hermeneutics in the narration and the making of architecture, and his seminal teaching in doctoral seminars. The scholar was also invited to disclose his views on the uses and misuses of phenomenology in architecture.