chapter  7
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Vanishing ‘International’ Borders: The Implications for Reconstruction and Development in Southern Africa

WithChristian M. Rogerson

The grand design of apartheid planners involved the creation of an array of ‘independent’ Black Homelands which would be geographically separate or distinct from the political space of so-called ‘White’ South Africa. This chapter describes several key aspects of the developmental implications in South Africa and the Southern African region of the vanishing ‘international’ borders which had been erected by apartheid planners. It provides an examination is undertaken of some of the spatial developmental changes occurring within post-apartheid South Africa as a consequence of the dismantling of the Homelands and their re-integration into a non-racial democracy. The chapter discusses the discussion widens to the external impact of South Africa’s apartheid-created vanishing borders. With the re-integration of the Homelands into the new South African political order, the gambling industry is experiencing a radical shake-up. The unfolding of apartheid planning impacted externally beyond South Africa’s borders, especially upon the neighbouring and economically peripheral states of Southern Africa.