chapter  Chapter 14
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Participatory research and political ecology

An evaluation of research with young Syrian refugees in Turkey
WithAslihan McCarthy

Participatory research is a way of empowering young people to take effective action towards improving conditions in their lives. This research method requires democratic social and political context and safe spaces to facilitate sufficient openness. Participatory research with young refugees in countries with questionable participatory traditions like Turkey, however, reserves many complexities intrinsic to the legal status of refugees and the greater social, political and cultural context. Taking these complexities into account, this chapter presents a desk review of the existing research by international/national institutions and academics addressing the needs, concerns, attitudes and aspirations of young Syrian refugees in Turkey. Research methods utilised to handle different aspects of the refugee crisis between 2014 and 2018 are evaluated to find out how the political ecology affects the attempts to respond to the needs of young Syrian refugees. Laying out the limitations to engaging perspectives of young Syrian refugees, this chapter argues that participatory research with young Syrian refugees is nearly impossible to achieve in the shadow of different political dynamics and legal gaps in Turkey.