chapter  Chapter 5
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Critical reflections

Merits of using youth-centric technology in keeping young people safe across Europe
WithDarren Sharpe, Spyros Spyrou, Shain Akhtar

This chapter is a reflection piece from practice in developing a safeguarding e-tool for children and young people, led by an intergenerational and multinational team. The Keep Me Safe game helps children and young people from the ages of 11 years upwards to raise awareness of everyday topics and issues which may affect them through Safeguarding. The game helps the player to learn and develop thinking skills in terms of the decisions they make when faced with a particular problem or issue. The game can be played either alone or with the support of a worker. Without collaborating with a body of vulnerable young people and trainee social workers, we could not have achieved the depth and quality we had reached. The chapter unpacks the journey we took together, and the lessons we learnt in coproducing this innovative safeguarding e-tool. This project raises the profile of vulnerable young people as European citizens, capable of knowing, understanding and responding to their own risks. The project framework enabled groups of vulnerable young people to provide insights about their own concerns and cultural context through a supportive mechanism that seeks to achieve voice, impact and improvement within social policy and social work environments.