chapter  12
In the wake of Haiyan
An ethnographic study on gendered vulnerability and resilience as a result of climatic catastrophes in the Philippines
WithHuong Thu Nguyen
Pages 19

This chapter explores fore ethnographic narratives on the lived experiences of women survivors, who were directly affected by Haiyan when it hit the provinces of Leyte and Eastern Samar. It examines how relief and rehabilitation efforts were beset by conflicting interests among international and national stakeholders and by dynamics of metropolitan and provincial politics set against the background of pre-existing armed conflict. Haiyan survivors en masse have demanded immediate relief and rehabilitation and have criticised the central government for alleged ‘criminal negligence’ months after the calamity. At the regional level, it should be mentioned that the relief and rehabilitation work in the wake of Haiyan was carried out against the backdrop of a long drawn-out armed conflict between government forces and the Communist-led New People Army (NPA) in Eastern Visayas. In the case of Philippines, Haiyan did bring about some sort of a brief truce to the pre-existing armed conflict in Eastern Visayas between the Philippine army and the NPA.