chapter  6
Black in the Writing Center
Race, Representation, and the Post-Racial Lie
WithKiara Lee
Pages 11

At present, the U.S. is riddled with issues like racialized stratification, achievement gaps, police brutality, and more. Ironically, also at this time, many people allege society to be post-racial or free of prejudice based on race. Although the 21st century has ushered in numerous Black firsts, like the first Black U.S. president and more, issues concerning race still pervade societal institutions, including the university, and are often ignored by the post-racial lie. Writing centers, especially, are at the front lines of this, as writing is often racialized and writing centers are particularly known to lack diversity. The present case study examines the experiences of three Black writing center consultants and the role racial representation (and lack thereof) plays in the experiences of Black consultants and consultees. The theoretical approach of this chapter helps to explain how racial representation impacts Black consultants and consultees while gently pushing stakeholders to begin thinking about practical first steps toward shaping a writing center more attuned to the needs of Black students and consultants, as their needs are crucial for their success.