chapter  Chapter 1
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Chemistry of the Interfaces/Interphases in Composites and Nanocomposites

WithMarc J. M. Abadie

Fiber reinforced polymer composites (FRPCs) are still an emerging class of engineering materials as well as nanofiller (NF) reinforced polymer nanocomposites (NFRPNCs). In polymer composites or nanocomposites, the interface/interphase is a key issue of which depends on the performance of the materials, but not for the same reason.

For the composites, the interface/interphase is a key issue since it guarantees the necessary stress transfer from the matrix (weak part) to the reinforcement (strong part). In the nanocomposites, the main issue is the homogeneous dispersion of the NF into the matrix due to its nano size and low wt.% used (1–5 wt.%); therefore, a good control of the interface/interphase will strongly help in the homogeneity and guarantee performance of these materials.

After defining interface/interphase in such materials, we will describe the recent progress in chemical treatments of inorganic fillers (glass, clay, POSS) as well as organic fillers (aramid, GFs, CFs & NFs: CNFs, CNTs, graphite, GOs).

SEM for composites, TEM, and XRD analysis for nanocomposites will be discussed in order to control the performance properties of both composites and nanocomposites.