chapter  Chapter 11
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Photochemical Conversion of Polycyclopropanes

WithK. G. Guliyev, A. E. Rzayeva, A. M. Aliyeva, G. Z. Ponomareva, R. D. Dzhafarov, A. M. Guliyev

The esterification of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with chloranhydride of phen-ylcyclopropane acid with the aim of preparation of a different-link polymer containing fragments of the vinyl alcohol and group with cyclopropane ring in the side links has been studied. As a result of the investigation the new polymer has been synthesized, and its composition, structure, and properties on the basis of data of the IR- and NMR-spectroscopy have been determined. The photochemical structuring of the synthesized copolymer has been studied, and it has been established that the modified polymer possesses photosensitivity of the order 48–51 cm2/J, which allows its use as a negative photoresist.