chapter  Chapter 12
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Photosensitive Copolymers on the Basis of Gem-Disubstituted Vinyloxycyclopropanes

WithR. Shahnazarli, Shabnam Garayeva, A. M. Guliyev

The synthesis of cyclopropane-containing vinyl ethers with geminal substituents at cycle has been carried out, and their homo-and copolymerization with maleic anhydride (MA) in the radical conditions have been carried out. The interrelation between the process of the copolymerization and formation of donor-acceptor type between comonomers in the system of complexes has been investigated. It has been established that in the conditions of copolymerization there are formed the donor-acceptor complexes between comonomers, an availability of which has been revealed by a method of NMR-spectroscopy. It has been considered the scheme of copolymerization due to the stage of addition to growing chain end both of separate comonomers and complex monomers as a whole. The photosensitivity of films of the synthesized copolymers has been investigated, and it has been shown that it depends on MW, the solubility of the polymer, nature of the functional substituent and a number of other factors.