chapter  Chapter 16
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Intergel Systems: Universal Sorbents for Different Nature Ions Sorption

WithT. K. Jumadilov, R. G. Kondaurov

The study represents a short review devoted to comparison of extraction degree of intergel system based on rare-crosslinked polymer hydrogels of polyacrylic acid (hPAA) and poly-4-vinylpyridine (hP4VP) in relation to La3+, Ce3+, Nd3+, Mg2+, Pb2+, Cu2+, Au3+ ions. Individual PAA and P4VP hydrogels have not sufficiently high sorption degree in relation to these ions (sorption degree is over 70%). Intergel system hPAA-hP4VP has higher values of extraction degree in relation to the mentioned ions. Maximum values of sorption degree relatively to La3+, Ce3+, Nd3+, Mg2+, Pb2+, Cu2+, Au3+ ions are observed at certain molar ratios (hPAA:hP4VP, mol: mol): hPAA:hP4VP = 2:4–94.0%; hPAA:hP4VP = 1:5–92.3%; hPAA:hP4VP = 3:3–91.7%; hPAA:hP4VP = 5:1–96.2%; hPAA:hP4VP = 3:3–94.9%; hPAA:hP4VP = 1:5–95.2%; hPAA:hP4VP = 1:5–99.2%, respectively. Such strong difference of extraction degree (over 25–30%) of the intergel system and individual polymer hydrogels is due to transition of polymers into highly ionized state in intergel pairs during their mutual activation at remote interaction.