chapter  Chapter 22
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Water-Proofing Materials, Luminophore, and Other Deficient Products

WithG. Khitiri, I. Chikvaidze, R. Kokilashvili

Water-proofing of concrete, ferroconcrete, metal, wood, and other construction structures, pipelines of various purpose, including oil- and gas pipelines, as well as agglutination of metal-concrete, metal-wood, and other combinations is one of the most important and actual problems. Materials of such types are not produced in Georgia. Import, transportation, customs duty of those products and other expenses significantly increase the value of structures. Thus, the use of these materials is unprofitable. Analogous situation is in the field of separation of paraffin and ceresin, petrolatum, luminophore, and different types of bitumen’s from oil, on the basis of which it is possible to produce small-scale deficient inexpensive products.

The production of the above-mentioned materials from the local raw materials and various types of waste is highly relevant in Georgia.

To this end, the first step is to create laboratory and experimental modeling methods as a basis for the future production technologies.

The strategic goal of the project is to create zero-discharge treatment schemes for organic and mineral wastes to produce various types of deficient products in Georgia and, in addition, to avoid pollution of the environment.

282The project proposal deals with the preparation of various compositions of hydro insulation materials from inorganic components and oil waste in Georgia. It is also taken into account the separation of luminophore, paraffinceresin, and bitumen masses of various types from the wastes in pipelines. The latter will be used as one of the components in waterproofing compositions.

The purpose of the project is to create the basis for the production of hydro insulating materials and small-scale deficient, high-quality products-paraffin and ceresin, petrolatum, luminophore, lubricants, and bitumen’s for various purposes.