chapter  Chapter 25
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Fractal Dimensions Analysis and Morphological Investigation of Nanomedicine by Machine-Learning Methods

WithM. Ghamami, S. Ghammamy

Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology. Medications can be more efficiently delivered to the site of action using nanotechnology. Nanotechnology can also reduce the frequency with which we have to take our medications, resulting in improved outcomes with less medication. On a nanoscale of medication, the self-similarity behavior of particles can be seen. Self-similarity is one of the prominent properties in the field of fractal science. The fractal geometry is one of the branches of mathematics, which has shown flexibility and unique ability to interpret and simulate different forms of nature. Using fractal geometry, a clear horizon was devoted for mathematicians and researchers to explaining the behavior of functions, chaotic, and apparently uneven collections. Analysis of fractal dimensions by using of image processing method is a powerful tool for obtaining the morphological information of nanomedicine. Using the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images were provided for the morphological studies of nanomedicine. The fractal dimension was calculated using the image processing technique, fractal dimension and other image properties were analyzed. The goal of this study is to prove the fractal behavior of considered 334nanomedicine, and some of the hypothesis in the field of measurement of fractal dimension have been investigated. The results show that nanomedicine have a fractalian behavior.