chapter  Chapter 3
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Material Model of Polyester Composites with Glass Reinforced Polyester Recyclate and Nanofiller

WithM. Jastrzębska, M. Rutkowska

The earlier studies showed that glass reinforced polyester recyclate might be used as filler in polyester with the dolomite dust composites [1–4], but sometimes mechanical properties of the composites were decreased. In this case, the glass reinforced polyester waste was ground and added to composites. In composites, the dolomite dust was partially replaced by glass reinforced polyester recyclate. In order to improve the properties of our new composites with recyclate the nanofiller (modified montmorillonite) was added. The influence of nanofiller on compressive and flexural strengths of composites containing glass reinforced polyester recyclate have been tested, according to the content of recycled material and polyester resin.

The subject of this paper is the statistical analysis of the synergic effects and the estimation of the relative importance of components of the polyester composite with glass reinforced polyester recyclate and the nanofiller. For this aim, the material model of polyester composite has been developed on the basis of experimental results, and then the statistical significances of the elements of the model have been estimated.

In this study, the sought relationships have been determined in the form of 2nd-degree polynomials (quadratic functions). Conformity of the model to experimental data was evaluated using determination coefficient R 2. 36Multi-criteria optimization, based on the statistical experimental material model of the composite, has been carried out and composition of polyester composites with glass reinforced polyester recyclate of high strength has been formulated. Results have confirmed that the addition of 2 wt.% nano-filler to the polyester composite with 20 wt.% polyester resin and no more than 12 wt.% recyclate significantly improves the mechanical properties in comparison to the properties of the composite without the nanofiller.