chapter  Chapter 9
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One Stage Production of Superconductive MgB2 and Hybrid Transmission Lines by the Hot Explosive Consolidation Technology

WithA. Peikrishvili, T. Gegechkori, B. Godibadze, G. Mamniashvili, V. Peikrishvili

We applied the original hot shock-assisted consolidation method combining a high temperature with the two-stage explosive process without any further sintering which produced superconducting materials with high density and integrity. The consolidation of MgB2 billets was made at temperatures above the melting point of Mg up to 1000°C in the partially liquid condition of Mg-2B blend powders. The influence of isotope B composition on critical temperature and superconductive properties was evaluated as well as the first successful application of this method for production of hybrid power transmission lines for simultaneous transport of hydrogen and electric energy was demonstrated.