chapter  2
16 Pages

Nanoedible Coatings for Dairy Food Matrices

WithSourav Garg, Anurita Hemrom, Irshaan Syed, S. Sivapratha, Shubham Subrot Panigrahi, Chanda Vilas Dhumal, Preetam Sarkar

With the growing demand for enhanced quality and security of the food systems, significant interest has aroused for the development of nanocoating system using bio-based materials. Therefore, effective strategies have been explored for the production of nanostructures to serve as coating systems on dairy matrices. Coating materials produced at the nanoscale possess have unique functionalities such as increased strength and reactivity, enhanced stability, and controlled release of the bioactive components. Moreover, protein–polysaccharide interactions play a pivotal role in the formation of texture and structural networks of nanocoating systems. USFDA and EU regulations monitor toxicity and safety regulations for the application of nanoparticles to food systems. Therefore, this chapter focuses on the design and development of nanocoating materials with a prudent note on its determinant factors such as protein denaturation and thermal aggregation process.