chapter  3
24 Pages

Spray Drying-Assisted Fabrication Of Passive Nanostructures: From Milk Protein

WithSathyashree H. Shivaram, Rahul Saini

Spray drying is a widely accepted technique to transform liquid matrices into dry powders, predominantly for food ingredients, nutrient delivery, and material science. The multitude of spray drying has proved its potential in fabrication of passive nanostructures. The technological novelty of the spray dryers to form tailored nanoparticles opens the way to apply spray-drying technique for a variety of applications. The electrostatic particle collector in spray drying highly extends the size spectrum of development of milk protein-based nanostructures. In spray drying, yield percentage of final nanostructures is high in comparison with other size-reduction techniques. Heat sensitive vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and carotenoids can be dried and stabilized in nanopowder forms at optimized product yields. This chapter provides in-depth review of spray drying-assisted fabrication of milk-based passive nanostructures such as nanoemulsions, nanotubes, and nanoparticles and various factors affecting their fabrication.