chapter  8
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Nanotechnology and Bacteriocins: Perspectives and Opportunities

WithPratima Khandelwal, R. S. Upendra

Among antimicrobial compounds of lactic acid bacteria (LAB), bacteriocins have gained attention and have huge potential as biopreservatives, additives and are considered as next-generation antibiotics. Bacteriocins exhibit different food applications such as extend shelf life in food processing and preservation industries. The nisin, a kind of bacteriocin approved by FDA and WHO, is used as a biopreservative in canned foods, dairy products, meat products, alcoholic beverages, and health care products (such as toothpaste and skin care products). Bacteriocins control microbial spoilage of beer, wine, alcohol fermentation and are used in antimicrobial packaging film to prevent microbial growth and in the cancer therapy. Bacteriocin used as hybrid nanoformulation can increase the stability and physicochemical condition of the compound and makes them more potent antimicrobial and novel therapeutic agents. This chapter emphasizes on applications of nano-technology for utilization of bacteriocins in food processing.