chapter  Chapter 3
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Nanomedicines for the Treatment of Respiratory Diseases

WithBrahmeshwar Mishra, Sundeep Chaurasia

Nanotechnology has revolutionized medicine over the past decade. The unique physicochemical characteristics of engineered nanomedicine enable novel therapeutic applications, particularly for the treatment of respiratory disorders. The research over the past decade has provided insights into biological properties and applications of nanomedicine in respiratory diseases. This book chapter provides a comprehensive review of the respiratory applications of the nanomedicine and aims to enlighten the readers about novel nano-based therapeutic strategies for treating respiratory diseases. This chapter discusses strategies to treat various airways diseases through nanomedicine applications. In summary, the book is focused on emerging cutting-edge applications of nanotechnology in respiratory medicine and aims to synchronize the efforts of respiratory biologists, nano-chemists, and clinicians to develop novel nano-based therapeutic systems for the treatment of airway diseases. This chapter has been compiled with the goal to serve both academic institutions and industry for education, training, 34and research. It is written to educate graduate and postgraduate students on emerging therapeutic applications of nanomedicine for the treatment of respiratory diseases. It will also serve as a guide for both clinicians and researchers in developing novel therapeutics while closely monitoring the health effects of next-generation nanomedicine. Overall, this is a Wikipedia of respiratory nanomedicine that discusses the scope of both current and future nanotechnologies for respiratory applications.