chapter  1
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Skilled Indians in Switzerland

Mobility paths and transnational connections
WithGabriela Tejada

The intensification of international migration involving an increased movement of skilled persons to countries other than their own generates concerns about the effects it has on developing countries, for the influence in their innovation and knowledge creation capacities in particular. The case of India is interesting to study because of the high quality of the country’s human resources and the fact that it is a significant source of skilled professionals and international students for Western countries. Until the last decade, the vast majority of skilled Indians mainly considered the US, the UK and Australia their prime destinations for gaining international exposure and overseas experience through work or studies. However, in recent times, a number of countries in continental Europe have become popular as new destinations, notably in academia and research, natural sciences and IT and the engineering sectors. This chapter illustrates a case study of skilled Indians in Switzerland. Based on recent empirical data, the chapter focuses on the mobility paths and experiences of Indian students and skilled professionals in the local context, particularly with regard to their participation in innovation and knowledge creation, and it observes the characteristics of the transnational links they build and sustain.