chapter  16
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Economic impacts of migration on UK labour markets

The case study of Indians in Britain
WithYasin Kerem Gümüş, Rakesh Ranjan

Public opinion supports that immigrants take natives’ jobs, reduce their salaries, increase unemployment and harm the national economy as well as disturbing social harmony. However, a considerable number of papers on labour market effects of migrations show that immigration has only very small or no effects on labour markets, especially on wages and employment of already-resident workers. Indian migrants, constituting the largest immigrant group in Britain, are good example of positive labour market effects as well as integration. After decades of immigration and integration Indians are among the most industrious and accomplished among the British. While the Indian diaspora shows a high level of attachment to their ancestral homeland, they also show a high level of attachment to the British culture and hold a significant socio-economic position through their high educational level and labour market performance. The aim of this study is to provide information and assess the best evidence – namely the Indian diaspora – on the effects of migration on the labour market and their integration to the socio-economic society of the UK.