chapter  3
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Indian community in the United Kingdom

Settlement, achievements and challenges
WithShinder S. Thandi

It is well known that India has a long migratory relationship with the UK which dates back several centuries. There is also ample literature which discusses the settlement and evolution of the Indian communities in the UK, which, according to the 2011 census, number nearly 1.5 million. Historically two states dominated Indian immigration – Gujarat and Punjab – but with recent changes in immigration rules coupled with changes in the global and British labour markets, more Indian states, especially southern states, have also become represented among British Indians. However, recent events, especially Brexit and a strong anti-immigrant narrative poses new sets of challenges for recent and future migrants. This chapter looks at both historical patterns and recent trends in migrants moving from India to the UK and argues that the contemporary Indian diaspora in the UK has become economically and culturally more diverse and a more appropriate representation of India. This has important implications for both the inner dynamics of the Indian diaspora in the UK and Indo-British economic and diplomatic relations.