chapter  6
A meta-survey of scholarship of learning and teaching in practice-based legal education
WithKristoffer Greaves
Pages 13

This chapter describes novel bibliometric and computer-aided qualitative data analysis methods used to analyse over 780 items of legal education scholarship, with a focus on practice-based pedagogies. The analysis explored the collection for measures of visibility and influence, attributes of scholarship of learning and teaching, together with the attributes of empirical research reported in the collection. By using text mining, bibliometrics, and qualitative analysis methods as ways of ‘getting the measure’ of the breadth and depth of scholarship of learning and teaching in practice-based legal education, Greaves discerns a paucity of empirical research in this area. Accepting that the works contained in the collection are material manifestations of individuals’ advocacy and mode of operating on the legal education world, with the implicit desire to transform or redirect the state of things, Greaves argues the standing and power of such scholarship must be materially enhanced by rigorous empirical research if that desire is to be realised.