chapter  2
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‘Magical’ Consciousness

An ancient god, synchrony and anomaly in service of the ego
WithDavid Paul Smith, Friday Faraday

This chapter is both a reconstitution of a therapeutic process and a furthering of that effort. It is a collaboration of both the therapist and the client in the effort of furthering and enhancing the therapeutic process. It involves a young man suffering from depression who came to therapy around 30 years of age who did not remember his personal history prior to the age of 20. He had recently left a relationship, living with a woman, and moved back to his parents’ home in an effort to pursue his professional goals. While engaged in a framework of depth psychology and hypnotherapeutic psychotherapy, the story involves his efforts in graduate school, struggle with depression and relapse toward suicide, and hospitalization. Return to therapy led to progression in encountering the autochthonous influence of an ancient god, synchronistic ramifications of therapy, and anomalous mentation that can be defined as regression in service of the ego. These regressions functioned to move him forward into a more coherent sense of self and purpose while opening him to a deeper understanding of his creative potential.