chapter  12
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Trade, Trump, security, and ethics

The Canada–US border in continental perspective
WithHeather N. Nicol, Karen G. Everett

Canada’s border with the United States has been affected by a number of security issues that have both made it thicker and more difficult to cross since 9/11, as well as differentiated it from the US-Mexican border to the south. Still, it is easier for Canadians to navigate North America borders than it is for most Mexicans and this is because of US security concerns about their southern neighbor, especially in the area of undocumented immigration and criminal activity. But it is not just an ‘Americans’ who have contributed to the very different height and thickness of the borders between Mexico and the US. Canadians are equally invested. The flow of goods and people across the Canada-US border has often been at the expense of those who cross the US southern border. The ethical implications of this are raised – particularly in relation to the way in which bilateralism has become the chosen means of setting border policy in North America.