chapter  7
A Season of Light and Darkness
On Education and President Donald J. Trump
WithJosiah Ulysses Young
Pages 11

This chapter discusses the president’s popularity among white evangelicals, and explores certain theological dimensions of the tension between belief and incredulity. Donald Trump supporters want to curtail women’s rights to choose; bar same-sex marriages; and undermine the prison reform movements that would shrink the numbers of imprisoned black and brown people. In general, black and brown folk were unable to move from places like Bushwick because of the discriminatory practices of real-estate barons such as Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump. The white supremacists who rallied there felt empowered by Trump’s 2016 victory, and attest, moreover, to the depth of white nativism in the United States. The federal government, which helped finance many Trump projects, bore some of the blame for this balkanization; the Federal Housing Administration had all but sanctioned segregation, advising against what were euphemistically called “inharmonious” projects.