chapter  3
“Blue Card”
A comment on the EU’s preferential immigration visa for attracting human capital vis-à-vis its own multilateral conundrum
ByBinod Khadria
Pages 6

This paper discusses the chasm between the intent and outcome of the European Union’s Blue Card scheme – an immigration policy aimed at attracting high-skilled labour, especially from third-world nations, to boost Europe’s competitiveness and thus economic growth, as well as to tackle demographic problems resulting from an ageing population. The paper takes us through the evolution of this policy – from the rationale behind its inception to the recent developments in Europe and competition from other nations that have derailed efforts of its successful implementation. It critically traces the EU objective of harmonisation of the member states’ immigration policies under one unified Blue Card scheme and how multilateralism, whether within a block or outside, failed to deliver when it came to the field of international migration.