chapter  11
G7/G8 Information
Internet Resources
WithSian Meikle
Pages 18

The web sites for government ministries, international organisations, media organisations, and a few academic sites are the primary sources of internet information. Government sites have been providing Group of Seven/Group of Eight (G7/G8) information on the web, roughly speaking, since 1995. The most visible sources of government information concerning the G7/G8 process are each year’s host country’s summit web sites. These sites are, increasingly, a comprehensive and fast distribution mechanism for G7/G8 documents as they are released at the summit. Government ministries closely concerned with the G7/G8 process in G7/G8 countries are a primary source of G7/G8 information in their area of interest, and furthermore, frequently provide translations of G7/G8 documents into their own language. Some G7/G8 material can be found on the web sites of international organisations that share common interests. The University of Toronto founded its G7 Information Centre in 1995, when Canada was the host country for the G7 Summit.