chapter  16
Diversity Recruiting in Aviation Maintenance
ByPaul Foster
Pages 12

The findings from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) research beginning in 1993 indicate that a critical shortage of aviation maintenance professionals will be upon us before most of the current high school students will be available for employment. Aviation maintenance-training programs need only look to the underrepresented population of minorities to find their future generations of students. Encouraging minorities from all backgrounds to consider aviation careers will enable the industry to draw from a much larger pool of prospective students and, eventually, have a dramatic effect on diversity in the aviation work force. One of the major concerns associated with the mission of an educational institution is the recruiting, selection, and admission of qualified students. R. Henry noted that when a special market must be reached in order to accomplish the objective of the marketing public relations program, it is important to involve a professional who is knowledgeable and experienced in the language, culture, and nuances of that audience.