chapter  4
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A National Orchestra for All

An Ethos of Inclusiveness within Music-Making for Positive Youth Development
WithAndrea Creech, Lina Tsaklagkanou

Positive Youth Development (PYD) is distinctive in its focus on the developmental potential of every child and its emphasis on “the manifest potentialities rather than the incapacities of young people”. With its focus on the strengths and potential of youth, including those who are marginalized, facing disadvantage and adversity, an underpinning principle of PYD is the idea of inclusion. According to Hallam group music-making in particular may “contribute to feelings of social inclusion”. For example, Rinta and colleagues investigated the relationship between musical experience and children’s feelings of social inclusion. The research, carried out in the UK and Finland, involved 110 children aged 8–11. From the community of practice perspective, learning is thought to be situated within social groups united by their mutual engagement in and negotiation of a joint enterprise. Within a specific domain, communities of practice negotiate a shared repertoire of routines and understandings.