chapter  5
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Smart Mobility System for Physically Challenged People

WithS. Sundaramahalingam, B. V. Manikandan, K. Banumalar, S. Arockiaraj

Physically challenged people use wheelchairs and require more physical strength to turn and steer wheels. The case is worse when they are paralyzed and quadriplegic. For people with severe paralysis, communication abilities are extremely limited and results in infirmity which eventuates in bodily enervations. This often leads to adverse scenarios where locomotion may pose a major challenge. Such individuals cannot lead a normal life and are forced to spend rest of their lifetime in bed else they require another person to move around. In order to sort out these issues, we have tried to implement two different techniques for smart wheelchair vehicle through hand gesture and eyeball movement based control system. Hence, physically challenged people can move from one place to another place easily without any assistance. The smart wheelchair system is designed in such a way that it develops with ease user interface and access of vehicle with high security. In this chapter, a prototype model was designed and implemented successfully in conjunction with LabVIEW and Arduino.