chapter  9
12 Pages

Case Studies on Medical Diagnosis Using Soft Computing Techniques

WithMary X. Anitha, Lina Rose, Aldrin Karunaharan, J. Anand Pushparaj

Medical diagnosis plays an important role in health care. In the present era, many new diseases are caused and no proper diagnosis is made. This chapter highlights the importance of soft computing techniques in the identification of diseases like heart attack and lung tumor. Tremendous research and development is carried out for various noninvasive diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. This chapter aims at discerning systole and diastole from 2D images. Mortality rate due to cancer is increasing irrespective of the gender where lung cancer is the leading cause of death. In this chapter, we introduced a system that automatically detects and differentiates tumor from abnormal lymph nodes. Basic image processing techniques like preprocessing, feature extraction, morphological image processing operations like opening and closing are done in computed tomography (CT) image in order to reduce noise and to find the orientation of the image. The results were compared with other methods and the accuracy was obtained. The comparison proves that this method gives a better outcome than other methods like support vector machine and conditional random fields.