chapter  16
16 Pages

Environment, conflict, and peace

WithEric Abitbol, Valerie Puleo

This chapter examines the multiple ways that environment and conflict intersect, using a framework that examines the impact of conflict on the environment as well as environment and environmental resources as both sources of conflict and potential opportunities for conflict resolution. The chapter discuses processes of Environmental Conflict Resolution, which seeks to ensure equitable access and management of resources, and Environmental Peacebuilding, where shared resource management creates opportunities for broader conflict and relationship matters to be addressed and even transformed. The chapter presents two case studies that examine the complexity of the environment-conflict nexus. The first case study focuses on water relations between Israel and the Palestinians from a historical and structural perspective, while also sharing insights from ground-level cooperative water-food-energy nexus practices. The second case study focuses on the complex and evolving relationship between the Federal Government of the United States and Tribal Nations, including the successes and limitations of environmental conflict resolution processes related to infrastructure, natural resources, and cultural and historic properties.