chapter  Two
26 Pages

Fairbairn and Glover: object relationships and ego-nuclei

ByGraham S. Clarke

In this chapter, the author continues a process of investigating the origins and significance of Fairbairn's theory by looking at the often-undisclosed influence of his contemporaries upon his ideas. He examines the relationship between Fairbairn and another of his Scottish contemporaries, Edward Glover, and attempts to reconcile Glover's theory of ego-nuclei and Fairbairn's theory of object relations. He also attempts to make clear that Fairbairn's theory is an integration of classical and relational ideas. The author considers Fairbairn's view that the group of schizoid or schizophrenic disorders is much wider than has been acknowledged, as correct and important; and the particular emphasis he lays on the inherent relation between hysteria and schizophrenia deserves full attention. He argues that there is a very close relationship between Fairbairn's and Glover's developmentally based models using the tables and diagrams that both men used to represent their respective approaches.