chapter  Eight
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Fairbairn’s object-relations-based psychology of dynamic structure, as a synthesis of the classical (thesis) and the relational (antithesis) in psychoanalytic theory

ByGraham S. Clarke

In this chapter, the author begins with a detailed review of Fairbairn's model of endopsychic structure, and uses Jody Messler Davies (JMD's) paper to look in some detail at the relational argument and the view of Fairbairn that she espouses. Fairbairn's endopsychic model of inner reality combines both repression and dissociation, and is concerned with dynamic structures, splitting, and multiplicity. The author suggests that Fairbairn's theory as a rational reconstruction of both Freud's structural model and his libido theory can be interpreted as fitting JMD's characterisation of both classical and relational approaches to psychoanalytic theory. He thinks that there is some powerful evidence for the existence of both in human motivation in an assay of the culture that surrounds him and that during this era is in many ways shockingly open and free but always under threat.