chapter  3
Sequence, Segment and Configuration: Two Problems for Dependency Phonology
ByMike Davenport, Jørgen Staun
Pages 25

The chapter is concerned with the distinction between the segmental representations of the categorial gesture and the configurations for segment sequences, specifically with regard to the dependency treatment of affricates. It is also concerned with the division between the categorial and initiatory gestures, particularly with regard to the status of the glottalic opening component |O|; and the dependency relations that have been claimed to hold between the two gestures. The chapter shows that these areas are problematical for the model as it now stands because the 'lines of demarcation' are not drawn sharply enough. It suggests that a certain amount of restructuring of the categorial and initiatory gestures is necessary. There can no longer be any generalisation expressed through the representation of sequences of segments with regard to syllable structure, since there can be no principled restraints on combinatorial and dependency possibilities for such segment strings.