chapter  Chapter 5
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Application of Artificial Neural Network: A Case Study of Biomedical Alloy

WithAmit Aherwar, Amar Patnaik

Mittal Industries, India supplied the grades of raw materials such as cobalt, chromium, molybdenum and nickel to make test specimens with distinct wt.% Ni, in which cobalt was in ingot form and the rest were in powder form with size below 44 µm. Micro-hardness evaluation was carried out by USL micro-hardness tester. A diamond indenter was indented into the manufactured specimen under a load 0.5N for 10s. Taguchi method helps for exploring the effect of the control factors on response. This method is frequently utilized because of it is simple, systematic and efficient. The microstructure of nickel-free alloy showed a cobalt matrix with chromium and molybdenum regions. The Vickers micro-hardness characteristics were obtained at several distinct spots and the average value was taken. An artificial neural network is a powerful biological stimulated mathematical model, which can be employed to simplify complex problems that are hard to solve conventionally.