chapter  Chapter 8
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Automatic Sheep Age Estimation Based on Active Contours without Edges

WithAya Abdelhady, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Aboul Aly Fahmy

This chapter presents a real time application which estimates age ranges of sheep by analyzing only one image for teeth. It explains important theoretical background and discusses the proposed approach for age estimation. Blobs stand for Binary Large Objects. Blobs are the connected areas in white and black images. Morphological operations depend on the relation between pixels and their local neighbors in contiguous pixels. Dentition is the structure of teeth inside the mouth of any creature. Teeth development and arrangement helps in the age estimation of almost all the ruminant animals. A professional camera was not used because the goal of the proposed approach is to be applicable on mobile phones. Teeth images were analyzed to count and measure the linear dimensions of teeth. As a result, age can be estimated by dentition. The proposed age estimation system consists of five phases: pre-processing phase, segmentation phase, post-processing phase, age estimation phase, and validation phase.