chapter  4
Citizenship and the other Cross-Curricular Themes
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Economic and industrial understanding (EIU) is an essential part of every pupil's curriculum. In the case of young people it must be seen as an essential component within their preparation for the responsibilities and challenges which are part of an ever more complex world. EIU helps them understand the world in which they live and prepares them for life and work in an industrialised society. By helping pupils to acquire and understand essential information and by providing them with opportunities and incentives in all aspects of school life EIU contributes to their preparation for citizenship. The rationale for including EIU in the curriculum highlights the importance of EIU and its close link with the qualities of citizenship. EIU can be developed within most subjects. It is a two-way process: subjects provide opportunities to develop economic and industrial understanding and the economy provides contexts relevant to pupils' lives in which to develop subject knowledge, understanding and skills.