chapter  Chapter 1
Media and Marriage
“From This Day Forward, for Better or for Worse”
WithLewis Bernstein
Pages 8

This essay is based on reflections from more than 40 years of educational research and production experience at Sesame Street. The inherent tension between the creative production side and the educational research side is described, and the process for learning to work together to deliver high-quality evidence-based children’s television is explained. The need to carry the lessons learned forward into the digital age is articulated as well as the shared responsibility of children’s media developers, designers, content experts, platforms and educators to produce products that are grounded in child development and are evidence-based, drawing on more than 40 years of research on what works in children’s television, in addition to a recognition that the digital devices and social media platforms of today are already in children’s hands, including technology and media that was not designed for young children.