chapter  7
Cinematic encounters and frontiers of precarity
WithSam Okoth Opondo, Michael J. Shapiro
Pages 21

This chapter engages the reinscription and production of frontiers, frontiersmen, the precarity of migrant life, death, and the dramatization of desire in Russell Banks’s novel Continental Drift (1985), Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne’s film La Promesse (1996), and Diego Quemada-Díez’s film The Golden Dream (2013). Through their attentiveness to the precarity of migrant lives, the above literary and cinematic texts explore how undocumented migrants are ruthlessly exploited and exposed to death in cities and on the road. Engaged in critical commentaries on the contemporary migratory condition articulated in global cinema, our investigation composes diverse migratory scenarios to render visible the national, urban, and racial frontiers of human encounter in which racialized, migrant bodies experience the precarities dealt by the protective and predatory practices of official national formations and opportunistic criminal enterprises respectively.