chapter  8
The kill zone
Choreographies of life at the limits of a death-world
WithAli H. Musleh
Pages 21

This chapter is a foray into the nonhuman landscapes of war in Palestine where violent encounters shape the field of relations and spatiality of settler colonialism. I focus on Gaza where remote platforms activate a regime of separation and domination through enacting and stabilizing a more-than-human geopolitics of siege warfare. To map this formation, I trace how weapons spatialize an undefined and shifting carceral geography of Kill Zones shaped and expanded by, among other things, the weapon articulated gaze, incrimination procedures, and fire power to produce subjects-in-motion enclosed within a death-world. Throughout my analysis, I show how the kill zone imprisons Palestinians within a landscape of technological apparatuses that interpellate them as active actors who, in order to conform to the social position assigned to them as besieged subjects, have to perform choreographies of movement that amount to embodied forms of life legible to machines and their remote operators. In closing, I explore an example of how Palestinians respond to such a terror formation by enacting modes of re-embodiment that draw new modalities of subjectivation through counter-choreographies.