chapter  13
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Dealing with the spatial remnants of conflict in Belfast

The Andersonstown Barracks site in West Belfast
WithHenriette Bertram

This chapter explores the discourses and practices relating to the spatial remnants of the sectarian conflict in Belfast after 1998. Its focus is on the site of the former Andersonstown Barracks in the republican stronghold of West Belfast, which was one of the biggest and most hated police and army barracks in Belfast until 2003. Drawing on a discourse analysis of documents (planning documents, newspapers, flyers, brochures and other sources) and interviews with representatives of organisations involved in the redevelopment of the site, the chapter analyses the aims and motives of the actors involved in the transformation of this contested heritage site. It shows how very different and sometimes conflicting aspirations, hopes and fears complicate the search for the ‘right’ post-conflict purpose for the site and the ‘right’ way of dealing with the heritage of the site, even if there is relative agreement with regard to the desired historical narrative.