chapter  2
Accounting for less than optimal performance of structural adjustment programmes in sub-saharan African countries
WithGerry Nkombo Muuka
Pages 20

Public sector is the generic term used to describe not only the traditional government ministries and agencies, but more so government’s participation in, and involvement with, parastatals/state-owned enterprises. There is considerable debate, in the literature, regarding the performance of economies supported by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund backed structural adjustment programmes (SAP). SAPs may fail to achieve the desired results because of a hostile global environment; more or less technical considerations relating to the design of economic policy packages; and matters relating to relationships between aid agencies and recipient governments. On the question of financing, the Bank’s view is that financing and sustainability of adjustment programmes are mutually reinforcing, citing inadequate funding as part of the reason for the policy reversal in Zambia in 1987 while Ghana’s effort has been helped by the availability of finance.