chapter  9
BICC’s Experience of Multimedia Communications: Issues in CSCW
WithDavid Madigan
Pages 15

BICC has developed from being the UK market leader in cable making with a presence abroad, into a truly global company. The CCTA report on CSCW identifies the fact that many business trends are demanding better horizontal communications both within organisation and externally and stated that Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) technology supported these needs. The aim was to allow a group of people who were distributes geographically to work together as effectively as if they were working together in the same space. The quality needs to reflect what the collaborators are trying to achieve. The user interface is very important to the effectiveness of a CSCW application. The experience of BICC is that it is useful to treat multimedia communications spaces in the same way as other spaces. Multimedia communications offer a synchronous communications media of reasonable quality, which will allow issues to be discusses more frequently and in a more timely fashion.