chapter  11
Sufism and communism
The poetry of Fuʾad Haddad
WithAbdullah Ramadan Khalaf Moursi, Mohamed A. Mohamed
Pages 19

Fuʾad Haddad is an Egyptian poet who is known as both a Sufi and a communist. This chapter explores both Sufism and communism in his poetry, showing how he rooted his activism for freedom and social justice, as well as his devotions to God, Egyptian culture and Egyptian nationalism. This chapter explains a turn in his poetic works during his last years, arguing that what we see in this period is a harmonious blend of Sufism and communism and a reframing of the working class that transcends the reductive Marxian analysis. Without denying the hardship of the life of the working class, Haddad portrays, in poems written in tender and humorous style, a diversity of artisans who find joy and love in life seen as harmonious with nature and the world.