chapter  13
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Country Branding

A Practitioner Perspective
WithFlorian Kaefer

How a country develops and manages its identity, image, and reputation influences anything from state-level diplomacy to tourism success and urban placemaking. If the country brand is strong and regarded favorably, then this “halo effect” will make the work of place developers, managers, and marketers easier. Investment will be easier to get, visitors will be more likely to come, and international talent will consider your country before others. But how to go about it? This chapter offers a snapshot of latest thinking on the topic of country branding, including its links to public diplomacy. It further shares insights and hands-on advice on country-branding challenges, success strategies, and trends. The information shared in this chapter is a synthesis of insights gained through over 150 interviews that the author conducted with leading place branding researchers and practitioners over the last five years.