chapter  43
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Public Diplomacy and Development Communication

Two Sides of the Same Coin?
WithJames Pamment

This chapter seeks to develop a theoretical basis for better understanding the intersections between public diplomacy (PD) and development communication (Devcom). It will be argued that both fields involve (1) theories of influence over social change in foreign countries; (2) a voluntary transfer of resources from an actor promoting a specific cause or agenda to a group or organization in a foreign country; (3) seek to stimulate and deliver desired policy outcomes through an active civil society and private sector; and (4) ultimately support what is believed to represent the common good. Both are strategic, planned and intentional, and both Devcom and PD could arguably be positioned as tools of soft power. PD, soft power, and development exist in similar circles and share similar theories of influence while holding contrasting perspectives on international power relations and how and why communicative power should be wielded.