chapter  1
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The European agenda on security

WithKåre Dahl Martinsen

Russia and China threaten Europe. Both countries try to exploit internal tensions in Europe to further their cause and weaken Europe’s ability to mount a unified answer. The Russian war against Ukraine was met with European and US sanctions. Yet this has not prevented the signing of a lucrative gas export deal with Germany, a deal which will have a detrimental impact on regional stability. Close links between Russia and European nationalist and anti-EU parties might impair EU’s continued assistance of the countries on the Union’s eastern border. China is primarily a threat to European industrial prowess and economic competitiveness. Take-overs of European enterprises, industrial espionage, and targeted investments in poorer EU countries have given China a troubling foothold inside the European Union. Although the problems posed by China are broadly similar in Europe and the US, no efforts have been made to agree on a common response. The Trump administration’s coupling of trans-Atlantic trade with security has so far made this impossible.