chapter  2
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Police and Prosecutorial Cooperation in Europe in Response to Serious Transnational Crime 1

WithGorazd Meško, Rajko Kozmelj, Branko Lobnikar

Understanding police and prosecutorial cooperation in the European Union (EU) is vital for coordinated formal social control responses to serious forms of transnational crime in the EU. The European Union Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment emphasises the importance of dealing with organized crime, terrorism and violent extremism. In addition, cybercrime, drug trafficking, facilitation of illegal immigration to the EU, organized theft and burglary, trafficking in human beings, dealing with excise violations and missing trader intra community fraud, trafficking in arms, environmental crime, money laundering and financial crime, and document fraud are priorities in EU police and prosecutorial cooperation. The chapter presents the efforts of the EU to ensure a high level of security through measures that prevent and combat crime and measures for active co-ordination and co-operation between police and judicial authorities and other competent authorities in the EU.