chapter  3
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Faith embedded and embodied

Interfaith collaboration to address Islamophobia in the United States
WithCatherine Orsborn

This chapter analyzes collaborative interfaith efforts to combat Islamophobia in the United States. Interfaith efforts to address Islamophobia in the US have, over the better part of the last decade, shifted in critical ways from an emphasis on dialogue to an emphasis on active mobilisation and intervention. Drawing on a material religion theoretical framework, this chapter challenges assumptions that interfaith engagement and mobilisation falls primarily into the realm of the mental and theological, focused on other-worldly ideas and concerns. Rather, this study points to a larger trend in the growing interfaith movement, of which I argue these efforts in the US are a component part, toward active collaboration to address social ills rather than maintaining a strict focus on achieving understanding and harmony between religious groups and religious individuals. Additionally, the chapter identifies the shifts in how Muslims in particular are engaged by interfaith efforts in the US.